Quiz & Testing Software for Everyone


WebTester is a full featured solution for online test and quiz creation, management, and analysis. It runs on any web server that supports the PHP language, and the intuitive interface makes sure that every available feature is simple to implement.

You can use WebTester to test your students, employees, or for training classes. WebTester was designed for education in an educational environment, so every feature is based upon an actual need.

Try the online demo today, or you can download WebTester and install it on your own server.  You can also subscribe and get everything you need for WebTester hosting on our servers.

WebTester server requirements:

  • Apache/IIS
  • PHP 4.3.x or higher
  • MySQL 4 or higher


WebTester client browser requirements: 

  • Firefox 1.x+
  • MSIE 5.x+
  • Safari 2.0+ (is not compatible with the HTML editor)
  • Camino 1.0+